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Mini project 2: A DIY knot headband

I wanted to do these mini projects as things that’ll take up maybe an hour of your time and leave you with a great sense of accomplishment – something that’s sometimes lacking in those big sewing projects we undertake that seem to take forever to finish! This one is also a helpful idea on a last minute Christmas gift!

Today’s is a tutorial on how to make this!


A headband with a rather fancy looking knot on the front, perfect for keeping the tips of your ears warm in these wintery months.

This is made from some double knit jersey though you can also use an old t-shirt if you want to. Anything would work as long as it’s a reasonably stretchy jersey. I’ve used the leftovers from a dress I made years ago.

It’s an easy and quick project to complete and even better, uses up some scrap fabric!

What you’ll need:

2 lengths of jersey at least 60cm long and as wide as you like! The wider you make the strips, the chunkier your knot will be.

If you’re using an old t-shirt, trim the hem off first and then cut two strips. Leave them in a loop.

Keep another strip of fabric (2.5 times the width you want the band to be) to the side to use to bind the ends of the band together

1. Stretch the two strips of jersey so that they start to roll in on itself

2. Loop one strip to look like a fish

3. Place the second strip over the fish tail

4. Bring one end under the body of the fish

5. Weave the other end under the strip visible under the body of the fish

6. Bring the end of the fish tail over the second strip loop.

Gently pull the ends of the strips to tighten the knot.

7. Pin the end of the band to the binding strip (you can adjust how the band sits and make it as wide or narrow as you want) and stitch down. 

8. Pin the other end of the band of the strip, trying to keep in line with the side already stitched down, and stitch in place.

9. Fold over the ends of the binding strip and hand stitch down.

You should end up with something that looks like this!

This is definitely coming with me on my next skiing holiday!! It’s super cosy!

You can make this is different sizes by changing the width of the strips you start off with – narrower ones for a narrow band etc – and you can make it for kids and babies by shortening the lengths as well!

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