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The Moosonee sweater // Good Night, Day

I’ve just not been able to stop knitting since the first lockdown this year. My fingers have not been able to stay still!

This’ll be my 5th(?) completed sweater this year! The reason behind my recent spate of quick knits is Good Night, Day– a knitting pattern brand specialising in modern chunky knits. Their simple elegant cropped designs knit up crazy fast! I bought the e-book of patterns a couple of months ago as I knew I’d want to make a few of them!

I’ve already knitted one of the designs from the e-book – the Perth cardigan. Unfortunately it came up a little small (the perils of not swatching) so I ended up giving it to one of my sisters and never got around to taking photos of it! I was more sensible this time though and swatched and sized properly!

I decided to make the Moosonee sweater as it has a looser fit and puffier sleeves (and we all know I’m a sucker for a puffed sleeve). I didn’t want to do the full roll neck though as the thought of having that much chunky wool around my neck just gave me the heebie-jeebies. Instead I did just 5 rows of the neck ribbing for a simple crew neck. I also chose to create big stripes of colours by mixing up my yarns. I used The Chunky Wool in ivory white from Stitch and Story for the upper part; The Wool in hand painted sprinkle from We Are Knitters; Crazy Sexy Wool in hot punk pink; Lana Grossa Ragazza Lei super chunky yarn in orange.

I used 15mm needles to achieve the correct gauge. The finished jumper was pretty much spot on to the stated width though I think the length came up a little short compared to it. It’s a fine length for me but I’m also pretty short! I’m sure I followed the instructions on how long to make it but I might have just read it wrong. In any case the length is something easily adjustable – just keep knitting more or less rows depending how on long you want it!

I really really really love the colour combo. It’s what takes this from a simple jumper to the best thing ever!!!

I was a little worried about how the chunky knit would sit on me. My experience with super chunky yarn in the past hasn’t been great and I had always regretted those past knits. I feel like chunky yarn has forgiven me now because I really like how this looks! It’s made me much more confident about using the stuff and I love how quickly you can knit with it – this jumper took me about 5 days! After using two of the patterns from Good Night, Day, I’m starting to see how these modern knits are designed and I’m feeling more confident that I can adapt them to suit and fit me better so I can only assume they’ll get even better with time!

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  1. This sweater is stunning! I wonder if you’d mind sharing how it has held up over the years? I’ve only knit one chunky sweater like this and the pilling is driving me bananas!

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