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La Forme – Blouse 0503

I was sent down a Russian pattern company rabbit hole the other day thanks to one of my YouTube commenters. I found a bunch of new companies (well, new to me anyway) and spent half a day trawling their websites! I ended up with a bunch of patterns from Grasser and La Forme and it’s thrown my sewing to do list all out of whack!

The first of the new patterns I tried out is this blouse from La Forme. It seemed like a nice simple place to start especially as I wasn’t super sure on how the instructions would be – they’re in Russian so I knew I’d have to use Google Translate to make any sense of it all.

The pattern is an oversized off shoulder blouse with pouffy gathered sleeves. There’s elastic along the upper edge and at the cuff. It’s a simple enough shape that even without instructions I should’ve been able to get it together!

I used a piece of blue striped viscose from my stash that id gotten from Walthamstow Market last year for this project. It’s such a


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    1. Thank you so much for letting me know! I think it must’ve gotten lost in one of the system updates. I’ll look at getting it sorted this weekend! 🙂

  1. Hi Emily, how was your experience ordering patterns from a Russian website? Was it difficult in terms of the language? Laforme and Viki sews patterns look great but I’m a bit afraid of it being a fishy website

    1. Hey! I just used Google translate and my experience with both were absolutely fine! I’ve purchased quite a few patterns from Vikisews so far and never had an issue with them. Translating the instructions is usually the hardest bit!

  2. I ordered one if their patterns recently . Initially I had problems with it not downloading but I was able to contact them and I hit the pattern fine . I don’t really need the instructions so I will trial making it up next . I too was worried about it being a gushy website but it seems ok

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