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The Perfecto jacket

I randomly found some sewing patterns in a little French bookstore whilst in Paris this year. The instructions were in French of course but the patterns seemed simple and it was reasonably priced enough that I thought it was worth a try! I picked up two – a little fitted dress and this biker style jacket.

It’s a boxy in-line jacket with a two piece sleeve and extra details like the tabs in the sleeves and the belt.

I had some black wool in my stash that I’d been waiting to use so I thought I’d use it for this! I figured a classic black jacket would be a wardrobe staple for sure!

The pattern itself was luckily quite straightforward to use because I could not be bothered to translate the French!

I had to make some adjustments to fit – namely widening the sleeve and shortening everything.

I also added a lining for warmth. I’d bought a quilted lining fabric from Stoff & Stil recently and this was the perfect opportunity to use it!

Sewing up was pretty straightforward. After making the jacket for my sister recently I felt like I knew what to do without needing any instructions!

After making it, it felt like it needed a bit of jazzing up. Compared to what I normally make it was so normal!

I decided to add some detail to the back of the jacket with a celestial themed vinyl design.

I created my design on illustrator and then cut it out with my Cricut. I used glitter vinyl from Happy Fabric (bought with a voucher) in a white and silver glitter.

I loved the final look of this jacket. I think the extra little sparkle just made it a little more me!

Unfortunately a few days after I’d made and photographed this jacket it got stolen (that and a bunch of other things inc my long Mira dress and black Ginger jeans!) from my car in central London. It was very sad especially since I’d not even had a chance to wear this out!

So if anyone sees this unique jacket out and about, let me know!

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  1. So sorry that happened to your lovely jacket! Hope you’ve posted a photo of the back on social media, maybe with a suggestion of how to return it anonymously? Fingers crossed.

  2. OH NO! I’m so sorry you were robbed! That completely stinks no matter what, but I’m additionally sorry you lost so many lovingly made items. 🙁

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