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The Mona jacket // Wear Lemonade

I’ve got a really special make to share with you today!

It’s a jacket I made as a gift for my little sister (the one that got married recently). I’d originally intended to make it as a surprise gift for her wedding but ended up gifting it to her a few weeks earlier for her birthday instead – I didn’t want her to feel obliged to wear it on her wedding day if she didn’t like it!

It’s been a labour of love to make as I did a hand embroidery embellishment on the back of the jacket too!

I used the Mona pattern from Wear Lemonade for the jacket. I’d subscribed to their “Netflix” of patterns last year and this biker style jacket was included in the collection. It has a loose-ish body shaped bodice with fitted sleeves. It comes unlined but I chose to add a lining for a better internal finish.

I made this one out of a cream bouclĂ© wool I got in Paris several years ago. And for the lining I used a pink cotton (again from Paris) with a print of infinity signs and “love” written all over it. Very wedding appropriate!

The instructions are all in French unfortunately which was a little bit of a pain. Luckily it’s really quite a simple jacket to make and with the photos and a bit of help from google translate it all worked out!

Before I made the jacket however, I spent some time embroidering a motif onto the back!

I loved all the personalised wedding/ bridal jackets I saw on Pinterest and I wanted to try to make my own version! Most of them were painted leather jackets or vinyl on denim like these…

But I figured I could make an embroidered version!

I started by drawing out my design on paper and then onto some Solvy (Solvy is a dissolvable type of interfacing). My plan was to embroider through this onto the main fabric and then wash it away afterwards!

It took a couple of weeks of dragging my bag of embroidery with me everywhere in order to get it finished. It was worth it though as I loved how it turned out!

I hope she can continue to wear and have it remind her of her wonderful wedding day!

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  1. I adooooore your embroidered design. I love the colors that you’ve chosen for the flowers. And it’s such a great idea to embellish pieces of clothing this way! And it turned out so well!

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