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Striped culottes – NL6446

Summer and stripes. They go together like jelly and ice cream. Or chocolate with… more chocolate! A stripe filled summer wardrobe never goes amiss and I planned on making one! At the top of my list was a pair of culottes.

I picked up a lovely striped viscose crepe from Stoff & Stil (it’s actually gone down to half price last I checked) a while back with the plan of making some fun culottes. I loved the wide pink and burgundy stripe on it – I loved the Gucci-esque vibe I got off it!

I thought about drafting my own culotte pattern and then decided there was no need! I already had the New Look 6446 jumpsuit pattern and I like the hang and width of the pant. Plus I knew they already fitted!

I kept the culotte pants as they were and added in a 3cm waistband on the top. I think most people would need to take the waistband out of the rise instead of adding on the extra length as they’re already quite high. But I have a freakishly high natural waist so the added length fitted me better.

I took my time planning my pattern placement to get the best position of the stripes. With such a wide stripe I felt it was important to get it right! And I spent ages trying to pattern match my pockets. I was really pleased with myself until I realised I had out the pocket pattern piece the wrong way round and all that hard work was for nothing!

I finished it with a lapped zip at the back and a button on the waistband. I liked the idea of the visible button on the tab just for a bit of contrast!

I really like how these turned out. The fit is as good as I can get them. I’m not sure if the stripe makes me look shorter/ fatter. It’s hard to say! And I think a narrower stripe might be more flattering.

As it happens I do have another striped fabric (in a narrower stripe) in my stash that’s just calling out to be made into another pair of these!

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  1. I actually really like the larger-scale stripes as trousers and think they look great! It helps that you’ve styled them in a very youthful, hip sort of way with the lace-y, fitted crop top and funky shoes. 🙂 Excellent idea to just use the pants from a jumpsuit, too: much easier than drafting or fitting a new pattern for sure!

  2. I think you got the strip alignment perfect and they look good! I’m a big fan of culottes. They are my secret work “shorts” when it is 100 degrees here!

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