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A mustard velvet maxi hack!

I never used to have many yellow clothes but recently my wardrobe has just exploded with them!

This make is now my third full length yellow dress (check out my others here and here…)! Some might say that’s overkill but I still think there’s room for more!

I bought this gold stretch velvet from the 50p shop in Walthamstow last autumn. I left it for a while and spent ages thinking of what to do with it but I refused to let it linger in my stash as this was a fabric that needed to be worn and hidden away!

I ended up flipping through my stash of patterns to see if anything would strike my fancy and finally an idea came!

It was the Vogue 9278 pattern which I’d gotten on sale last year that got the creative juices flowing. It’s a really simple slip dress pattern and though it’s designed for wovens, I thought I’d be able to tweak it to work with the stretch velvet!

Changes to the pattern:

+ I used the finished measurements to decide on what size to make and ended up making it two sizes smaller than I’d normally choose.

+ I eliminated the back zip.

+ I cut the bodice back on the fold (after removing the CB seam allowance).

+ I sewed the centre back of the skirt all the way to the top.

+ I shortened the straps after trying it on to accommodate for the straps stretching out.

+ I took 8cm off the skirt length and then added a gathered rectangular panel (I used two panels of the entire width of the fabric which I gathered with two rows of basting stitches).

+ I sewed it all with a short narrow zigzag and finished the visible seams with my overlocker.

I am over the moon with the finished result!

I’m wearing it with a T-shirt underneath to make it casual enough to wear during the day and also because it’s kind of chilly 🥶 !

I’ve been trying to wear fancier items like this as more daywear/ casual items of late. I don’t want to make these flamboyant garments and then keep them in my wardrobe never to be seen! And after the Sew Frosting challenge of last year I’ve been inspired to step away from basics for the moment and concentrate on more fabulous things!

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  1. Great frock.
    Just to say thank you for the tickets. My friend Jane and I had a lovely day at Olympia.

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