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Starry, starry blouse

I’m stash busting today!

I’ve had this piece of fabric for five years now, bought on a whim in Lewisham market when I was working near there. I’d never found the right project for it (same as the few dozen other pieces of fabric I’m currently hoarding) or at least I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to use it – it’s not the easiest to work with. Until now!

I’ve reimagined the Simplicity 1366 blouse yet again! (You can see my previous incarnations here and here).

This time it was on the receiving end of a lot of ruffles… Well it could’ve been more ruffles actually. I think I was quite moderate with my choices in fact!

I wanted to make something on trend for this winter’s big sleeve phenomenon and this starry eyed fabric seemed up to the job.

I made the bodice and sleeve of the 1366 same as I always do – just a standard 12. I didn’t add anything to the length this time as I wanted a boxier shape anyway.

When it came to the sleeve I chopped it off at my elbow and then I had added a large ruffled cuff to the edge (I made my ruffle by gathering a big rectangle twice the width of the sleeve by the length I wanted the ruffle plus any seam allowances).

It worked like a charm!

I still see a lot of problems with how I handled the fabric itself. It was one of those that moves so much during laying and cutting that I’m pretty sure everything is off grain and wonky… Nothing a bout with a steam iron can’t hard though, right? Though there’s nothing that can help my wobbly hem!

This is a very fun and playful blouse. I’m planning to wear it with that black needlecord pinafore that’s on my list to make!

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  1. Hello Emily !
    (sorry but I didn’t find another way to contact you. Please, answer directly to my email address)
    I’m writing an article for a french DIY magazine (printed on paper), about some ways to “hack” the Ikea’s Bekväm shelf.
    I find your idea with this product very interesting.
    Do you allow me to use a photo of it in the article ? Of course, I will write your name next to the picture and give the address of your blog/website in the addresses book at the end of the magazine !
    If yes, can you please answer as soon as possible (with sending a photo in high resolution it would be perfect !) ?
    I have to give my paper before the end of the week… 😮
    Best regards,
    Elise AMANN (for the magazine named “Atelier Déco & Créations” issue 38)

    1. Hi Elise,
      I’m happy for you to use that in your article. What’s your email address? I think it may have deleted from your comment. You can contact me directly at selfassemblysewing @ if that’s easier.

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