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Bomber jackets in triplicate

The joys of having sisters include having to make things for three people instead of one…

Perhaps a little annoying but I did actually offer with these jackets so no one to blame but myself! That being said I’m now officially an expert at putting the Wear Lemonade Rosa bomber jacket together and can do it in super quick time!

Literally. It took me probably over a week to figure out how to do the original jacket and I finished the second one in hours… Goes to show how bad my French is in understanding those instructions the first time round!

The last one took a little longer because of the embroidery on the back. I don’t know why I give myself these challenges sometimes!!! The tiger took an absolute age to compete, was finicky and generally disagreeable but I can’t argue with the end result and Jess is so pleased with her jacket! Cat had drawn the tiger as well so it was a double sisterly effort getting that on there!

Cat showing off her floral sleeves!
Check out the lining in Jess’ one! Orange to match the tiger!

Look at us!

Looks like we’re in a girl band!

Girls, let’s promise never to wear these all out on the same day…

We also got photo bombed by the dog…

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  1. Sweet! They are so lucky. I think you should all wear them out together intentionally! They each have their unique details.

    I’ve seen the embroidery details on your instagram once but I don’t usually use instagram (living in a cave!) and thought it’d be so awesome if you could show those amazing details on your blog too even if it means duplicating. I for one would not mind seeing them again, and readers of your blog who may not have your instagram would have missed out on those crucial, glorious details! Close up pics would be great too and will send shivers down my spine again I assure you! 😀

  2. You all look great! And you have succeeded in making me want to sew this bomber jacket even more! If ever I do, I’ll be coming to you for help. 😉

  3. Very well done! Why wouldn’t you want to show off your adorable, creative jackets on the same day? Anybody can make one jacket, but variations on a theme is just that much more impressive.

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