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Fabric shopping – Walthamstow market

  Getting supplies is one of the most fun things to do when you’re a home dressmaker. Wandering through fabric store and haberdasheries, diving into rolls of gorgeous materials and piles of zips… So much fun! It’s also important not to go too crazy to start off with. My mountain of unused materials will attest to that. I think it’s always a good idea to start out using cheaper fabricsthat way if your scissors slip it’s not the end of the world!

I only started coming to Walthamstow market in the last 4-5 years after a girl in my lingerie class recommended it. I was so surprised to find such a great array of stuff only a 20 min drive from where I grew up! It’s become one of my favourite places to get a bargain! 

This market is over 100 years old and is the longest street market in Europe, stretching between Hoe Street and Blackhorse Road. There’s plenty of fabric stores and haberdasheries amongst the market stalls and stores lining the road. It does cater mostly towards the local ethnic groups – Indian/ African etc. – with bright coloured sari fabric and busy wax cotton prints adorning many shop fronts. That being said that’s not all you can find. In fact you can pretty much get anything you want… Not the super high end stuff mind you. But then again you also won’t be paying super high end prices… There’s lots of good quality stuff if you know where to look though. Here are some of my favourite shops:

  If you’re looking for better quality and plenty of choice Saeed’s is my favourite. I’ve bought lots of wools, tweeds and cottons here. I like to go there if I need to get something specific. 

Near the top end of the road is this gem. A pot luck of fabrics, they always have a few new things I can’t leave without especially at their low prices!

Another pot luck store. They have a real variety of stuff from the cheap 50p/metre stuff to £15/metre furs. It’s always fun to visit and see what they have!

This market stall is usually parked outside the entrance to Sainsburys and has a whole host of good stuff. (My pic doesn’t capture the full width of the stall…). Lots of variety at good prices too!

My favourite haberdashery store. Tons of zips, buttons, ribbons, thread, elastic and all sorts of trim. I always grab handfuls of stuff to stock up when he’s there! 

There’s another good haberdashery next to Saeed’s if the market stall isn’t there and it’s only slightly more expensive. 

So there you go!

All my fabric shopping secrets for you!

How to get there:

Walthamstow Central tube (Victoria line) or train station

Buses 34, 97, W19, 215, 230, 212

Drive! There’s lots of parking in The Mall, or if you’re planning to do food shopping, Sainsbury’s offer free customer parking. 

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  1. Definitely going when I head over to UK some time. My sister lives in London, maybe I’ll have an excuse to fly there. I blog about fabric shops too! Would love to see your purchases.

    1. Haha! Any excuse to go fabric shopping is a good one. I’m heading down to West London for more fabric shopping tomorrow as well. Can’t stop buying more stuff! I usually post my shops on Instagram if you want to see!

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