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The Holiday Slipover // Petite Knit

So good I made it twice…

Anyone else seem to feel like they see the same trends over and over until that’s all you can think of making? Maybe it’s the cookies (computer ones not 🍪) that means as soon as I show an interest in anything, i suddenly end up seeing them everywhere! You Google one sweater vest and before you know it, they’re all you see!

There are LOTS of sweater vest patterns out at the mo – well at least it feels like it! I thought they’d make a perfect transitional piece that would let me where more summery pieces before the weather is quite warm enough. I also wanted to a quick knit so I was looking for something relatively chunky. I found the Holiday Slipover from Petite Knit after seeing a few of them on Instagram (even ex-diver Tom Daley has made it!) and thought they looked great!

It uses three strands of yarn held together – two strands of Aran and a mohair – to create the desired weight and texture though I’ve also seen it knit up in single strand super chunky yarn which works perfectly well too. The vest has deep armholes and almost a mock turtleneck appearance with a side split uneven hem.

The back yoke (up to the underarm) is knitted too down first, stitches are then picked up at the shoulder and the front yoke knitted and neckline shaped. The front and back are then joined in the round so the body is knitted together before splitting into the front and back hems. Stitches are then picked up at the neck and arm holes for ribbing. It’s really very clever!

I used the Paintbox Wool Mix Aran held double with a strand of Austermann Kid Silk on 10mm needles and made an L. It took just a few evenings of steady knitting to make one of these and was such a satisfying knit.

I really liked how quickly it came together and I thought it would be quite a versatile piece! But as much as I thought this toffee brown colour would be quite neutral and work with the rest of wardrobe I realised after that it didn’t quite meet my expectations!

I then decided to knit a white (or off white if you’re being picky) version!

I added the black design after finishing the knit. I was inspired by a sweater I saw years ago but I can’t remember where it was from! I used a strand of chunky yarn and laid out my design then hand stitched it all into place. A little bit fiddly to do but I thought it was worth it! The design is just one continuous strand from the front to the back!

This was an absolute palette cleanser of a knit and I can highly recommend it. The instructions were great and I learnt a new method of picking up stitches. I don’t know whether sweater vests will continue to be “cool” going forward but I’ll enjoy the trend whilst I can!

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