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The Cherry Cocktail Blouse // Alice Hammer

The upside of lockdown means plenty of time to knit! I’m not the quickest knitter and can take years to finish a knitting project – I tend to get a bit bored so I don’t knit very consistently. In fact I’ve still got a project from 2018 on needles…

This knitting project was only started in January! That’s only three months of knitting for this entire jumper which, for me, is amazing!

The pattern is called the Cherry Cocktail blouse from Alice Hammer, a French knitting pattern designer. I was recommended this pattern designer by The New Craft House girls who’ve used her patterns with great success in the past. Her patterns are very chic, very French if you get my drift. I picked this one because I loved the lightness of it and that pouffed sleeve of course!

I’m really bad at figuring out what yarn to use with a project so I thought I’d splurge and get the kit so it comes with the exact yarn that the pattern recommends. This particular pattern was made in conjunction with a French yarn shop called La Droguerie. They recommend using one of two yarns – Plumette or Comète. (Both are 70% mohair, 30% polyamide but Plumette is finer and you use two strands and Comète is a little thicker). I went with the Plumette in Rayon de Miel (yellow).

It’s a really simple pattern. It’s just ribbing, increases/ decreases and stockinette stitch in the round. As easy as they come! I knitted it up on 5.5mm needles which is much smaller than what I’ve been used to (still reasonably chunky in the grand scheme of things but my last project was knitted on 15mm needles!).

It’s nice doing a simple pattern though as I could just knit without having to think too much or spend a lot of time counting!

I think this is the first proper jumper I’ve knitted that I’ve actually liked and that I’ll wear!

I’m so glad I went for this colour of yarn! I was so tempted to go for the white or black versions just to be more neutral but I don’t think they would’ve turned out as beautiful as this one!

It’s a lovely light sweater and perfect for this spring weather at the mo! I’m so happy with how it turned out. I love the sleeves as much as I thought I would – that pouf is so perfect!

Now to move onto another knitting project! Actually maybe I should finish the ones I already have first…

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