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Monthly roundup #10

It’s almost Christmaaaaaaas!!! And I’ve been off sick this past week. (This post was supposed to go out on Wednesday but I just couldn’t make it!). I’m kind of on the mend (and kind of can’t afford to take anymore time off work) so I’ll be back to normal come Monday!

But whilst everyone is panic shopping/ making, let’s take a moment to see what happened in November!

In the news…

I dropped by the Frida Kahlo exhibition at the V&A before it closed last month.

The exhibition detailed the life of the iconic Mexican artist with loads and loads of personal photos and artefacts from her house which has been sealed up until just recently. It was a fascinating peek into her life.

I snuck a few pics!

I went to the latest London Stitchers Meetup hosted by Ana and Giorgia. They had arranged a fabric and pattern swap in SW London.

These kind of events are always fun and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone looking to venture out into the sewing “real” world for the first time!

The latest pop-up shop at The New Craft House was from Sister Mintaka. I got the chance to meet Sandeep at their little pop up party and well as hung out with some fellow stitchers!

I was lucky enough to snag a last minute invite to the Selkie launch party! Selkie are a new pattern and fabric brand who’ve just led a success Kickstarter campaign to get their eco friendly and sustainable business up and running!

They had a display of all their pattern samples in their own designed fabrics and a beautiful presentation of how their business came to be.

I’ve got the London pattern myself so I’ll be making that in the new year!

What I’m watching/ reading/ listening to…

I finished my re-watching Gilmore Girls for the thousandth time. Probably not the best use of my time but it’s surprisingly comforting to watch!

What I’ve been learning…

I took a sign lettering class run by Soumya of Molu Designs. We picked out designs to trace onto wooden boards and then went nuts with acrylic paint. The main thing I learnt? Painting is hard! Trying to keep things neat and in between the lines just seemed impossible. I have a new found respect for painters!

This is my “finished” design. I’m planning to get some more paint and go over it again as I’m not 100% won over by my colour scheme.

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