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I got a Cricut!

That’s pronounced “cricket” by the way. (I know, I know. All I want to do when I see that word is say “cry-cut”… 🤣).

I’d been thinking for a while over whether I should purchase a cutting machine. That’s been some serious pondering over the past 6 months in fact! I spent hours researching what makes are good, how easy they were to use and the versatility of each model and really umm-ing and ah-ing over whether I actually need one.

In the end my love of a good slogan t-shirt won out and I took the plunge!

I ended up getting the newest Cricut machine – the Cricut Maker.

(I got mine from Hobbycraft and used the 15% discount you get when you sign up for an account so it worked out the best price-wise compared to others).

So far I’ve done two projects with it!

I’ve made this bag…

(I didn’t make the bag – I got that from Hobbycraft too 😂)

And I’ve done a Maker t-shirt!

Unfortunately I can’t show all of the t-shirt. I made it using a pattern I tested but that hasn’t been released yet so you’ll be treated to the full outfit later on!

I was just too excited about it all to hold this back!

Both of these were designed using Adobe Illustrator and then transferred over to the Cricut software. That was one of the main selling points for me because I didn’t want to be stuck using Cricut’s preset images and projects (plus you have to pay for everything you use on there!).

This machine has definitely met all my expectations! I cannot wait to make more things with this. It can cut fabric and leather so I think there’s a lot of scope for me to use it in my sewing!

Do you have any ideas for what I can make with it? I am open any suggestions!

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  1. Hmm I like the idea of being able to put my own slogans on a t-shirt or bag, but when I actually start to consider it seriously, I have NO IDEA what to put on there, lol.

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