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Plans for an arts and crafts-y December (AKA last minute Xmas gift ideas…)

The reason for an arts and crafts month? Christmas of course! There’s no better time to start on those little craft projects to make as gifts in this season of giving. I love making handmade gifts as most of you know and I firmly believe it’s never too late to start! (That’s a lie. It can definitely be too late if you’re reading this on Christmas Eve…)

Here’s a list of some of my favourite DIY projects, tutorials and ideas I’ve seen around! I’m gonna see how many I can try out before Christmas arrives!

1. Eyemasks

This is an item that can be made quickly from scraps of fabric you have lying around and, let’s face it, that’s always a good idea. Here’s a free pattern and tutorial from Tilly and the Buttons

2. Rice filled hand warmers

In these cold, cold days and nights what could be a nice gift than this? I found this tutorial showing how to make a hand warmer with a removable cover that would make a lovely gift! Add some dried lavender and hops for a soothing scent!

3. Jersey headbands

Fashionable and warm! These headbands are quick to make and would be beloved by any fashionistas you give one to! Here’s a tutorial for a knotted version that I love! I think I’d try it with thicker jersey strands myself for a ‘fuller’ knot.

4. Wristlet/ clutch 

I saw loads of these pyramidal wristlets on my travels in Southeast Asia and thought they’d make a great gift! I found a YouTube tutorial here showing how to make one! 

5. Collar necklaces

Simple, effective and easy to customise. Whip out the glue gun to add on sparkles if you’re running out of time!

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    1. Thanks! 😊. I’ve already started on two of them too! They’re all very doable luckily. Don’t want the extra stress of difficult makes in the run up to Xmas!

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