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How was your Me-Made-May?

How did you get on with your Me-Made May challenge? Just to remind you, I had pledged to wear at least one me-made item everyday!

Mine was pretty successful for a first timer in my opinion! I did manage to miss one day completely – I got up and got dressed for work without even realising/ remembering about it until it was too late! Otherwise, I’m pretty sure I wore at least one me-made item everyday. I have to say I got quite bored of it by the end – the having to spend ages every morning trying to pick out something to wear instead of just throwing on the closest/ cleanest t-shirt I can find!

Work outfits were the hardest (as expected) and I ended up re-wearing the same outfits over and over, purely because I don’t have that many to wear. Weekends were a lot more fun, picking out all the pretty things! 

I did majorly wish for better weather though – I find the majority of my handmade wardrobe is only suitable for warm weather! Because of that I found I only wore a fraction of clothes I’ve made because it was just too cold!

I managed to finish a few projects – my satin bomber was my particular success there (review to come! I’m saving it to enter in the Indie Pattern Month contest!) – and I feel like it was quite a productive month!

I’ve definitely worked out what items I’m missing in my wardrobe to really be able to wear handmade everyday without thinking about it. I really need to make more tops, blouses and t-shirts as well as a couple more pairs of my black cigarette trousers (for work). I literally live in H&M tees most of the time so I’m planning to make my own whenever my current ones wear out instead of buying new ones…

Overall though, I’m glad it’s over! At least now I’ve tried it I know where to improve on for next year’s challenge!

Days missed: 5th of May 🙁

Favourite outfit: 
An oldie but goodie – Burda shorts and Cynthia Rowley for Simplicity blouse. I love the monochrome pattern clash! Or perhaps I just loved the sunshine of Seville and have very fond memories of the outfit because of it… (If you want to check out my post on Seville, click here!)

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