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Chic shorts – another V9008

I really wanted a pair of really crisp white shorts for this summer. Or (belated) summer holidays in my case. There’s nothing more chic! Plus they’d go with everything…

It took me a long time to find the right fabric for the which is why this post is so late in the season! I was determined to get the perfect weighted fabric that would feel great and also not be too see-through. I managed to find it eventually – a medium weight white cotton sateen – and since I’ve still got some holiday time (and it’s still warm in London!) I figured it’s not too late to make them!

I whipped out the Vogue 9008 pattern again for these (you can see my first pair here) but opted to make view A this time around. As much as I liked the fullness of the pleated version I wanted a simpler shape for this pair.

I made some modifications – adding in side pockets and back pockets… Because why would you have shorts which don’t have pockets? Hehe.

The design on the shorts means the back wraps around the front slightly at the hip at an angle so it made the side pockets look more like slant pockets instead which I hadn’t intended. It was a good “mistake” though as I like how they look as they are!

I also added a placket to the back of the fly zip. I didn’t like how the zip in the blue ones sits directly against skin, especially as I’m using metal zips here. I think it looks neater and a bit more professional too!

I think I’m going to get lots of use out of these shorts. To the point I think it might be worth making a couple of extra pairs so I have back ups when these ones get worn out/ stained/ lost…

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  1. I love the contrasting fabric on the inside – very pretty! It’s so difficult to get the right weight fabric. I just finished a pair of red linen pants and I was completely surprised that the fabric turned out to be a bit too light. I didn’t even think to check!

    1. Thanks! πŸ™‚
      It’s definitely frustrating when that happens and you only realise after you’ve finished a garment! I’ve done it way too often myself! I try much harder to gauge weight and things beforehand but even then I don’t think you can always tell until you’ve worn it!

  2. Fab shorts , why would you want anything without pockets ? Good plan to make more pairs , white is so easy to make a mess of ! Or maybe that’s just me ?

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