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Another shirtdress!! (I just can’t help myself…)

So this is the new pattern from Tilly and the Buttons!

This copy was sent as a sample – thanks Tilly! – in exchange for a review so here goes!

I opted for the shirtdress over the shirt because, let’s face it, I just can’t resist a shirtdress. I’ve got so many shirtdress patterns that I’ve lost count of them! I already had a blue and white cotton stripe in my fabric stash that I knew would be a great fit for this pattern and kept my fingers crossed that there’d be enough fabric there for it!

So basically, I wanted to make something that looked somewhat like this…

This is from the Dice Keyak Resort 2017 collection

Not exactly like this, but I quite like the vibe here. Plus this fabric seemed to reappear a few times in the summer shows so I figure it’s a good bet to make something out of!

There were 2 big changes I wanted to make to the pattern in order to achieve what I wanted.

1. Add side seam pockets instead of the breast pockets

2. Add a sash tie. I wanted one stitched into the side seam, not just a belt.

I also decided on some changes to the fabric cutting layouts to make the most of the stripe in order to get a more interesting overall look – noticeably, the front and back yoke is cut on the crosswise grain instead of the straight grain.

The pattern itself is typically TATB in that it is simple, trued properly and great to use. The instructions are on point (though if you struggle with them, there is an online class that Tilly offers for this pattern). I made a size 4 here if anyone needed to know… I also shortened the dress at the bodice by 3/4″ (2cm). 

I opted not to mock fell all my seams. There wasn’t much point really as white topstitching won’t really be visible and there was no way I was going to mar the colour combo by adding a contrast stitch. I did keep the topstitching over the yokes and the collar stand and I do think it adds a little more polish to the finish!

The sash I made with 4 strips of fabric 38″ by 5″ stitched together with a 1/2 inc seam allowance and turned. I added them in where my natural waist would sit and then added the pockets just underneath them.

Did you see the curve on the back yoke? (It’s not hard to sew in case anyone was worried). I think the stripe manages to make it stand out even more!

I’m loving this dress right now. I think I’m gonna add some sew on embroidered appliqué patches around the shoulders and collars to make it very 2016. I can always take them off later on! 

I’d love to make the Rosa dress in a brushed cotton flannel. Now I’ve just got to go find some…

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    1. Thanks!

      These are just regular in seam pockets so you can use a pattern piece you may already have (or do what I do and just draw a pocket shape around my hand…). Mark on the side bodice where you want them so it’s even on all sides. Attach them to the side bodice pieces where you’ve marked and press. When you stitch the side seam make sure you go around the pocket piece i.e. you sew a straight line to start, a big curvy bit in the middle, and finish with a straight line again. Hope that made some sense… 🤔

  1. I love stripes! Cool shirt-dress, never too many patterns:p

    TATB patterns are still on my wish-list…though I haven’t made everything in her book yet.

    Ps. love the hat. Definitely get the vibe you are after!

  2. Amazing version, love the stripes showing off the fab v shapes and those ties are great, this pattern concerned me (and my mum tum) but the ties genius and I’m stealing your idea!

  3. Fab dress , the proportions are great , addition of pockets a must . The waist ties so cute ! Think appliqué will look great too . Treated myself to TATB pattern last month , might just have moved up my to do list . Good luck finding the perfect flannel .

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