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Me and my Orla blouse

I’m adding a few of my past makes onto this blog (partly to bulk it out and partly to make it look like I’m a much faster dressmaker than I actually am…) from my other blog Emily’s Little World. You can check out my original post here.

This is the Orla pattern from indie designer Tilly and the Buttons. I was lucky enough to score a 3 month part time internship with her last year and I managed to get a few patterns as swag when I left so you’ll probably see those on here too as I make them! Orla was one of the patterns I worked on whilst I was there. They were already at the testing stage when I started and I got to see the pattern come to market which was pretty cool! That did mean I have a bit of a head start when I came to make up my own Orla because I’ve basically already made a few!

From seeing the pattern and the drape, I already had a fabric in mind from my stash – a bright coral colour crepe which I hadn’t yet found a project for. And I knew I wanted a contrast colour for the snowdrop collar and chose a navy blue.

I did make a slight booboo with the sizing though (silly me!) because I kinda rushed ahead without rechecking the measurements but when I’d last made an Orla at Tilly’s to fit me, I made a size 3 which came out tight so I assumed I’d be a 4 now but they’d added more ease to the pattern without me realising! Fortunately that’s not too much of a problem with this style but I could probably have gone down size! 

This is me and Orla!

 As you can see we’re getting on just fine.

I added the embellishments to the collar to bring it to life a little more. It took a bit of time and effort as I don’t do a lot of that kind of thing but I think it works well! I love the exposed zip at the back. I do a lot of exposed metal zips anyway but I love how it works here!

Future plans for Orla: a long sleeve colour blocked version and a dress version!

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  1. I liked it a lot when I saw it on your other blog, and still like it very much if not more now! Love the contrast and rhinestones. Adding old projects here is great, this blog can be a complete dressmaking collection for yourself and readers 🙂

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