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Mary Quant exhibition // V&A

This is a bit of a belated post about the Mary Quant exhibition that I went to a few weeks ago!

I love being a member of the V&A museum especially with the exhibitions they’ve had this year – Frida Kahlo, Christian Dior and now Mary Quant!

I don’t think I knew much about Mary Quant prior to the exhibition except that she was a 60s fashion powerhouse but I knew few of the details. The exhibition documents how she revolutionised the fashion industry at the time, bringing fashion to the people as it were and completely changing the high street.

I loved seeing how it went from a few simple dresses and the will to sell them to the masses to a whole branding empire with shoes, tights, make up, dolls. And yes, even sewing patterns and fabric!

(In fact Alice & Co specially developed Quant inspired sewing pattern just for the exhibition which you can get for free here.)

I felt like she truly set the stage for what the current fashion/ beauty world would become.

Also I loved wandering around and listening to the other visitors talk about how they remember the 60s and how they used to wear some of the styles!

I would highly recommend visiting this exhibition if you’re in London! If not, here’s a little photo tour of it instead!

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  1. I’m a member of the V&A too – it’s been great value this year! I loved the Mary Quant exhibition and especially the stories of the people who had worn and loved the outfits on display.

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