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Christmas present reveal!

This year I decided to make most of my sewing skills and tried to make my Christmas presents!

Of course I left it way too late and spent the last couple of weeks frantically sewing to make up for it! I definitely fell short of my plans so I had to do a little bit of regular Christmas shopping as well to finish things off!

Now that the big day has passed I’m going to do a quick reveal of all the presents I did make! I probably won’t get round to blogging about each one I made but I wanted to share them anyway!

My sisters got a array of items:

Matching fuzzy Linden sweaters to start! (I made one for myself too!)

(They don’t photograph particularly well but they look good on… 😕)

Matching woolly hats with furry pompoms! (I also made myself one of these and one for my nurse too…)

FYI the furry pompoms were bought off eBay – £1.89 each from China with surprisingly quick delivery. They really added an extra special touch!

Cat got a Linden sweater dress in a snuggly plush backed jersey from Stoff & Stil. I added an iron on tiger motif on the front.

She also got a panda shirt!

This pattern is the Juliette shirt from I Am patterns and the fabric is from Fabrics Galore.

Jess got an Tilly and the Buttons Agnes dress hack in a really awesome swan print jersey (from Stoff & Stil again).

I also made a men’s tee!

I used the men’s classic t-shirt pattern from the Sewing Bee book Fashion with Fabric with a lovely cotton jersey from Stoff & Stil.

And I was super inspired by Elisalex and the By Hand London blog and got a belt making kit from Tanner Bates!

I think you’re supposed to give the whole kit as a present but I made the belt myself and gifted the finished item instead. (I really wanted to see how it worked! 😂).

I also helped my sisters make jumpers for their boyfriends!

I held the sweater making “masterclass” a couple of weeks ago and prepped the Thread Theory Strathcona Henley pattern for the both of them.

I had originally planned to film the whole thing for a laugh but we were so rushed on the day that we completely forgot! I even forgot to take photos of the finished items before they got wrapped up and given away! (*Slaps palm to forehead*)

I had planned more things (like finishing off the vogue coat for my dad!) that I just ran out of time for. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up on some bits later in the year though!

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  1. You were just a making factory before Christmas! WOW! Your loved ones are lucky indeed and I’m sure appreciative – lovely gifts! That swan dress is gorgeous (you should definitely make yourself one of THOSE :)) and that belt is fabulous. The jumpers, hats and Tiger sweater for your cat are fun and must have triggered lots of smiles. What did you get for Christmas? Anything sewing related?

    1. Nothing sewing related actually! I got a few new vinyl records and my older sister knitted me a giant blanket! I think my family have given up getting me sewing stuff – I’m too fussy! 😂

  2. I was inspired by your Christmas makes! going to try that myself with a few friends who I never know what to get them! I could start mid year and avoid the December rush thank you x

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