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Discovering Aime Comme Marie

I have a thing for French pattern companies – Deer and Doe, Wear Lemonade. They always seem so chic and cool to me! I think they usually win on the presentation as well – everything is beautifully designed and photographed. It makes me wish I was French!

I recently discovered a whole bunch of new (to me) French indie pattern companies – Aime Comme Marie, DP studios and Orageuse. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are loads more around, literally a whole new world of pattern designers to find out about and explore. It’s so exciting!

Today’s post is all about Aime Comme Marie though. They sell patterns in print and digital format for men, women and children. They also do a few novelty homeware items too. They’re a bit like Wear Lemonade in that they also sell their designs as RTW garments. So if you can’t be bothered to make it, you can buy it!

I decided to purchase a few of the paper patterns and a couple of digital ones. Their PDF patterns were super cheap – just €4 each – and the printed ones were quite reasonable too. Be aware neither version comes with seam allowances included. They do offer an English translation of the instructions though and that’s always useful!

I started with their camisole pattern – Aime Comme Miss. I have a feeling it’s quite similar to the Ogden cami from True Bias but I can’t be sure.

I wanted to compare it with the camisole I drafted and at €4 I felt it was worth trying out.  

It’s a super simple pattern – a simple loose fit dartless camisole with rouleau loop straps. It’s designed to be reversible which I thought was a clever idea! 

I made a toile in some leftover black and white gingham (I originally used it here) as I was really unsure about the sizing and fit. I didn’t make it reversible yet, I just cut a short panel to use as a facing instead. 

The fit wasn’t bad at all. It’s totally wearable but I wasn’t completely happy with the little bit of gaping around the bust. This was clearly not designed for anyone with a large cup size! 

I decided I could get away with adding a little bust dart to each side and still keep the pattern as is. It was definitely worth making that toile to find that out before cutting into my final fabric!

I used a couple of new purchases from Stof & Stil (another company I’ve recently discovered and fallen in love with) for the final garment. I picked out 2 cottons in similar(ish) colourways with this pattern in mind. 

I knew the straps would only be in one of the fabrics so I had to pick a fabric for the reverse side that would go with straps made from the other side. 

And here it is! 

There are bunnies on one side. It’s awesome. 

I actually think it works pretty well both ways. Though I think in future a lighter drapier fabric would be nicer. I made this final version a little longer than my toile for more booty coverage in case I wanted to wear this with just leggings. 

Looking at these photos, I think I’d make a change to the back of the camisole for any future makes. The pattern uses the same piece for the front and back but I think the wide V (which looks great from the front) isn’t very flattering from behind. 

At least that’s a simple change to make in future. Plus it’ll make life even easier to figure out which round to wear it!

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  1. Always great to find another pattern company and that tank top is so cute! I have some fitting issues with the Ogden Cami so I wonder if this version would be better on me. I would definitely have to add a dart as well. I really love the length of it too. Thanks for sharing a new pattern company!

    1. I’m not sure how different this is to the Ogden 🤔. Though I don’t actually have that pattern so I can’t say for sure. For €4 it might be worth trying!

  2. I’m in love with a couple of French Indie companies as well! The problem I had with Aime Comme Marie was understanding the site – my French is far too rusty I’m afraid to figure out the navigation and how to get to their paper patterns. I loved their blouse pattern with the flat fell princess seams down the front but I’m sure 80 eur is not about a paper pattern! 🙂 Thanks for your post – it was great fun looking. Your camisole is beautiful!

  3. Good job eliminating that gap at the bust. This looks cute on you. Maybe fish-eye darts on the back would help the fit while still keeping the swingy drape?

    1. Thanks! I know what you mean about the back but I think I’m too lazy to add any more darts to such a simple pattern!

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