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Mini project 4: Felted pillows

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone is feeling festive!

Here’s my most recent mini project/ Xmas gift idea: felted cushion covers!

Now I’m not felting an entire pillow – I’m not that crazy and frankly, that’s really not that “mini” of a project. I’m talking about decorating a ready made one!

I saw a tutorial a while back from Fall for DIY on how to do this.

Taken from Fall for DIY


It seemed like such a cool idea! And pretty simple to do as well.

I thought they’d make lovely personalised Christmas presents so I decided to make a couple for my sisters (and maybe also one for myself)! 

I got some wool roving and a needle felting kit from eBay – both were very cheap – and some pillow cushions and covers from IKEA. I could’ve made my own but it seemed like a bit too much effort. Plus I didn’t have any of the right fabric to hand. Or zips for that matter. 

I spent ages trawling the internet for a font to use for my writing. I didn’t trust myself to be able to write it from scratch since my penmanship is terrible!

Once I picked it out, I place the cushion over the screen and just traced lightly over it with a pencil so I had an outline for it.

Then I could start felting like crazy! 

Now, I’d never done any felting before but I found it quite easy to learn to do. (I say that, but I actually have no idea if I’m doing it right…). 

Basically, you take a small bit of the wool and place it where you want it and start stabbing it with the felting needle into a sponge backing. What that does is push little strands of the wool through the fabric so the roving stays in place. You can kind of manipulate the wool to fill out the image to the edges and then keep on going! Simple!

What do you think?

I found it rather therapeutic just spending an afternoon siting in front of the telly making these! It’s definitely a skill I think I’ll use again!

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    1. It is a bit fiddly. You need to pay attention as you go! It’s relatively easy to tidy up though – just keep stabbing at the lines and it tends to all kind of fall in place!

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