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Mini project 3: an embroidered sleepmask

So cute right?

I made this mask out of scraps lying around my sewing room. The mint green polka dot was originally used as lining for one of my sisters Rosa jackets. I’ve put a layer of fleece in the middle as padding – it is unfortunately pink and you can see the colour shining through a little!

I won’t go into the how’s and why’s of making the mask itself. There’s a ton of tutorials (and free patterns) online already. I used this one here from the Tilly and the Buttons blog. 

Here are some ideas, though, on personalising them! (Which let’s face it, is one of the main reasons we bother making these things!)

– freehand machine embroidery (that’s what I’ve done with mine!)

– felt features either stuck or stitched on 

– add on animal ears onto the pattern itself

– quilting

What would you put on yours?


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  1. Just finished the girls’ Christmas pajamas and I’m going to make them one of these to go with. Don’t know if they will use them, but they will be a nice addition.😊

  2. These sleep masks are such a great leftover fabric make. I really can see making one of these using the same fabric as for the PJ. Adding a (personalised) sentence on them makes them unique. Great makes.

  3. These are so cute,I saw a pattern for these and wasn’t sure if I should make them but after seeing these I feel like I should make them for the cuteness alone

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