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Blush pink culottes AKA half of Vogue 9075

Why wear a skirt when you can make pants? Lol.

I thought I’d jump on the culotte bandwagon before summer ends and this trend is over! 

I impulse bought the Vogue 9075 pattern a few months ago – it’s a pattern for either a fit and flare minidress or a culotte jumpsuit and let face it, what girl doesn’t need a culotte jumpsuit? I haven’t actually gotten round to making the jumpsuit like I wanted (plans don’t like fitting into the time I have available!) so I decided on a quick culotte project instead.

I’ve pretty much just kept the trouser legs the same – chopping off about 5″ of the ends because as always Vogue patterns are made for 6ft tall supermodels… And I drafted a waistband from scratch. I also made a shorts lining for the inside as the fabric I used was a little bit too sheer for my liking.

To close I put in an exposed metal zip in the back. I may possible regret that later and put in an invisible zip. Let’s wait and see.

I love how these feel on! It’s so swishy around the legs! The colour is great for the summer and for holidays – I’ve got a couple coming up so these will come in useful! 

The only downside to these culottes is the fabric… It creases like crazy! I’ll need to find some inventive way of packing them to reduce excessive wrinkles if I’m planning to take them on holiday!

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  1. Another fabulous garment …. and one I may well consider for myself possibly πŸ˜€ I think I would change the zip though. I’m not a big fan of the current trend for the lacy exposed zips but it might actually suit these… personally I’m a sucker for invisible zips.. something very satisfying of getting one in and it actually being invisible lol
    When you come up with a way of non crease packing do please let us know as I think we could all do with that tip! πŸ˜‰

    1. I’ve attempted rolling to help reduce creases. It’s not too bad actually! I made sure to put some jersey t-shirts in the middle of the roll so no tight creases at the end. It’s not perfect but I think it’ll do!
      Ah, yes the feeling of getting an invisible zip just right is so good! They’re so fiddly to do!

    1. Definitely have a go! I’ve found vogue patterns to be surprisingly simple but be became full with sizing cause I find they come up big!

  2. you could always give into the crease? wring them when wet and leave them to dry that way kind of like a broomstick skirt? make the wrinkles look like you meant it! The are very pretty you do excellent work!

    1. Thank you! That’s definitely an idea to work the creases into the design/style. I think it’ll probably end up that way anyway cause they crease as soon as I sit down!

  3. Very pretty! I love this look on you. I think you should swap out zippers, though, and put in an invisible zip. The harshness of the metal zipper clashes with the easy feminine feeling of these pants.

  4. They look fab on you, I really like this trend and keep nearly jumping on then I have a wobble but I so wish I had now summer is winding down, loving the pleats and drape shame about the creasing but still look great.

  5. Those will be great for summer and holiday activities. On the crease issue, do they respond well to hanging in the shower? That was always our test for hanging vs. packing. πŸ™‚

  6. That’s one of my fav patterns so far, made them in both culottes and jumpsuit versions and love them to bits! Yours look fab and so summer-y. Did you get much wear out of them?

  7. This is really cute for spring/summer. I wonder how it would be with a DBP. It would keep the wrinkles under control. Maybe a size smaller or two.

  8. I love these culottes Emily, I really like your style. I have this pattern too and am planning a pair of culottes so its super helpful to see them made up. I like the exposed zip, I think its really cool. Goes with your look!
    I’m amassing a stash of charity shop duvet covers, I think this could be a good pattern to use one of them up!

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