A 2019 roundup

Um, where did this past year go? It feels like it was only weeks ago I was writing another of these posts for 2018!

It’s been a weird one this year. I’d set myself the goal of having no goals essentially – loosening the reins on how often I was posting, not setting myself Make Nine targets and all that jazz. I kind of loved it but also realised that I probably thrive under the pressure…

My proudest make of the year has to be the wedding dress I made for my little sister. I also made the bridesmaids dresses for me and my other sister too. Those garments were definitely a labour of love. I don’t think I’d ever worked quite so hard (or sworn so much) on a single dress!

I managed to make it to plenty of sewing meet-ups this year and even went to one abroad in Paris. It’s firmly cemented the truth that sewing people are the BEST people!

I’ve finally settled into my new place which I moved into at the very end of last year. With a new dedicated sewing space to kit out I went big and got myself a new fancy overlocker (a Babylock Enlighten if you’re interested and it’s a GAMECHANGER) and later in the year I got a coverstitch machine (a Janome Coverpro 2000 and no I still haven’t quite figured out to use it properly). My printed PDF patterns are organised properly following a visit from organisation expert Claire. (I went with a giant filing cabinet which I’ve been able to stick in the under the stairs cupboard out of the way!)

It’s still a hot mess as I can’t keep anything tidy and I’ve got fabric and threads EVERYWHERE but I’m loving my new space!

I’ve been luckily enough to trial and test new patterns, books and kits. My favourites definitely have to be the By Hand London Hannah dress, and the Leather Needle Thread leather bag kit.

I learnt some new skills with basket weaving topping the list. I also taught myself how to make some tassel earrings and flower crowns!

It’s been a wonderful year of love, fun and most importantly lots of sewing and crafting! I’ve spent the last decade (doesn’t that sound nuts?) working on my sewing skills, having gone from barely being able to finish a garment to being confident that I could probably make anything I put my mind to!

If there’s anything that’s built my confidence and self esteem in my formative 20s it’s this. Nothing beats walking down the street knowing you’ve made your outfit and it’s expressing exactly who you want to be that day. It’s one of a kind just like me (and you for that matter).

If I can inspire or encourage even just one person to pick up a new crafty hobby in the 2020s, I’ll consider it a job well done!

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