The Rowan bodysuit from Megan Nielsen

My #MakeNine2018 list was designed to be full of wardrobe basics this year so I wasn’t surprised that the Rowan body from Megan Nielsen made my list.

I’d been dreaming of a black turtleneck to wear under, well, everything – it would be perfect tucked into skirts and under dresses as well as dungarees. The perfect base layer for winter!

I opted to make the version of the Rowan with long sleeve turtleneck bodysuit with long sleeves and I used a fine black rib knit I picked up from Barry’s Fabrics in Birmingham. (It was £1/metre and an absolute steal!).

This has been one of my quickest makes to date. I think it helped that I’m quite familiar with Megan Nielsen sizing and could make my usually adjustments right off the bat. These involved shortening the bodice and grading out slightly at the hip.

The instructions were clear and easy to follow. I sewed it all up on my overlocker as well which definitely helped to speed the process along!

I actually prefer the fit of this to my beloved Nettie bodysuit. It’s the hips! The Nettie provides loads of coverage on the hip/bum area – it’s more like a long t-shirt with an extra closure in the middle – but I find on me the sides tend to just roll up. Plus it’s much harder to wear under things as there’s just more fabric there. The Rowan hits me at just the right place on the leg to be really comfortable.

The only thing I would change for any future Rowan bodysuits would be lengthen the back crotch and shorten the front. This is just for the sole purpose of making them easier to do up! 😂

I have a feeling this pattern is going to be base of a lot of future hacks. It’ll be a great basic knit block for lots of other designs!


  1. It’s look nice on you,Emily. I’m happy to read you write a little comparison to Netty bodysuit. I’ve been on eye to these two patterns. What size did you make?

    1. My rowan is an S which is graded to an M at the hip. I’ve shortened the torso at the waist by about an inch. I normally make a size 10 Nettie graded to a 12 at the hip. Hope that helps!

  2. Your body suit is an amazingly good fit and I too like where it sits on your hip. It reminds me of a gym suit I had when I was really young (we had gym suits just like that – the “modesty” years 🙂 ) that I loved. It was long before they came out re-fashioned at turtlenecks that you didn’t have to worry about becoming untucked and sloppy. I love Megan’s patterns! The Dove is one of my favourite patterns ever.

  3. This looks lovely – it fits you so well. And such a bargain! I’ve had this pattern in my stash for a while because it seems great as a basic and it’s nice to hear that it’s such a quick sew. I’ve been in two minds as to whether to go body suit or top. Body suits do seem really practical but I’ve never worn one and the still feel a bit ’80s and scary to me – although yours doesnt look 80s or scary at all!!!

    1. I love a bodysuit for tucking into things but they can be a bit annoying especially when using the bathroom!! 😂. I am planning to make the top version of this too. I think either would be good!

  4. I’ve recently come round to the idea of turtlenecks with a total suprise win of a make with toaster 1. Ive always thought this pattern would be a good idea but now that I know I can ‘do’ a turtleneck I may be even more sold! Your fit is fab x

    1. Thank you! I’ve had a love hate relationship with turtlenecks over the years. I’m definitely loving at the mo though!!

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