2018’s #makenine + other New Year Sewing Resolutions

It’s that time of year where we all make unrealistic plans that we’ll try (and fail) to stick to as the year goes on!

I’m starting out with a new #makenine list!

This year I’ve opted to put lots of basics in my list to help me fill out that aspect of my wardrobe. It’s all well and good making fancy party dresses but I’m just not actually able to wear them most of the time!

I’m hoping that by keeping it simple and to somewhat “necessary” items, it’ll make for good items to focus on especially when I lose my sewing mojo.

Closet Case Ginger jeans

I’m looking to make my second pair (and possibly third pair) of Ginger jeans this year. I think I’m going to do it in a mid rise this time. As much as I love my high waisted pair I think I need a little bit of variation!

Deer and Doe Plantain tee

I’ve only just downloaded this free Deer & Doe pattern and I’m hoping it’s a good one! I’m hoping to assess the fit and compare it to the Megan Nielsen Briar tee which I made a few times last year. I reckon they’ll be quite similar. I’m all about finding the perfect t-shirt pattern!

Megan Nielsen Rowan bodysuit

I’ve had this Megan Nielsen pattern for a couple of months and have only just gotten round to assembling it. I want to make a basic black polo neck body to wear tucked into all my dungarees, jeans, skirts etc. I might also look at a scoop neck hack with a placket. I’ve got a ton of soft ribbed jersey that’ll be perfect for this pattern.

Seamwork Ariane bodysuit

I picked this pattern up in the recent Boxing Day sales. I like the idea of the super fitted body with a sort of lingerie feel to it. I think it’ll be a great layering item. It can also be used as a swimsuit pattern which might be interesting to try out!

Sew House Seven Burnside Bibs

I’ve had this PDF pattern for a long while now but it still remains unprinted. I’m just being really rubbish! I even bought fabric for it but it’s just been pushed to the side because I can’t face sticking that pattern together just yet…

Closet Case Kelly anorak

This anorak is another pattern I’ve had in my stash for a long time. It’s another one I’ve also got the fabric for. This time the pattern is printed just not stuck together yet…

Seamwork Savannah camisole

Another basic pattern I picked up in the sales! I love a camisole and since I’m not overly enamoured with the fit of the Aime Comme Marie camisole on me, I thought I’d try a different one.

Simplicity 8454 blouse

I like every version of this blouse and I want to make them all up! I think they’d be great work appropriate blouses. Again I’ve got some suitable fabrics for this so it’s just a case of finding the time!

Wool and the Gang Pop Life cardigan

I’m adding one knitting project to my list this year! This Wool and the Gang cardigan kit is one I’ve had for quite a while as well. I bought a couple last Easter and have just managed to finish the first of them over Christmas. I want to make sure I finish one this year too!

I’ve decided not to take part in the #sewmystyle challenge this year (or at least not all of it). Whilst I enjoyed last year’s challenge and I’m very grateful for being asked to be one of the bloggers leads for it, I do think it’s hard to follow challenges with preset patterns especially on such an extended one. There’ll always be some which aren’t suited to you! On the other hand it does force you to think outside the box and hack things to fit your style!

Other sewing-related resolutions:

No RTW shopping!

I was pretty good on the clothes buying front last year. I bought a few trousers for work but I’ve sworn off making my own – they always end up covered in bleach and other rubbish at work! This year, I’ll be enforcing a strict ban on the clothes buying front. I’m giving myself a small exception for underwear in emergency situations though!

No fabric shopping for at least 4-5 months. (I’m aiming for 6 but I’m also trying to be realistic…)

Last year I managed to make it 3 months without fabric shopping. I can definitely do better this year and I really need to make a dent in the fabric stash! It’s getting rather large even by my standards! 😂. I’m not going to restrict haberdashery purchase though. There’s no point being halted on a project because you don’t have the notions to go with it!

Try to do more bag and shoe making!

I want to increase repertoire and do a bit more sewing of other things than clothes! I did a shoe making course a few years back and bought all the stuff to make my own so I definitely want to make use of those skills!

What are your sewing resolutions for 2018?


  1. Congratulations on making up a very DOABLE make nine 🙂 I think the helpful thing about these challenges is they help us to focus on what we need so I’ve joined the 2018 RTW Fast 🙂 That won’t be hard for me either – I only bought 5 things last year and 2 were outerwear – ski jacket and knit poncho which I honestly couldn’t make myself. Already I’ve scurried to my closet a few times to assess what I’m going to need and determined I have no sleeveless woven tops which are the coolest for summer so I’m starting with B5891. This is involved! 15 pieces so I’m just now making up a toile and then once it’s tweaked I’ll make maybe 2 – one in linen and one in silk.

    But I’m adding to this fast too – like you I have WAY too much fabric, patterns and even kits yet to be made up so I won’t be buying ANY fabric or patterns this year either. Or shoes 🙂 If I’m successful (and I’m feeling convicted 🙂 ) I will extend this total fast until my 65th birthday (Nov 2019). That should put a good dent in my stash! I’ve unsubscribed to ALL blogs related to fabric or patterns as a start 🙂

    Good luck with your set challenge this year Emily! I love those Burnside Bibs! I was sorely tempted with that pattern before since I love my Toaster Sweater so much but I just wasn’t convinced they would suit me – too young maybe? 😉 I love the Kelly too but I opted for a different anorak which I’d love to make up this year too 🙂 – I look forward to seeing yours! I think that’s something you would get a ton of wear out of. Have you seen Lauren’s video on her make? It’s gorgeous.

    1. Thanks! I’ve seen Lauren’s anorak – so gorgeous! Fingers crossed mine turns out just s little bit like that! ☺️

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