The make nine tag was created by Rochelle of the Lucky Lucille blog. She wanted to get people making plans and setting goals for 2017 and 9 seemed a reasonable number. Plus it totally fits an Instagram layout.

I picked out a lot of patterns that I’ve already bought and not yet used. I figured this is an excellent time to destash some of those!

Here are my 9 (in no particular order…):

1. Carolyn pyjamas by Closet Case

2. Morgan jeans by Closet Case

3. Sula blazer by Ralph Pink

4. Doris dress by Sew Over It

5. Mélilot shirt by Deer and Doe

6. Cascade duffle coat by Grainline Studios

7. Karri dress by Megan Nielsen

8. Belladone by Deer and Doe

9. Dominique jumpsuit by République du Chiffon

So far I’ve completed the Carolyn PJs, the Morgan jeans, the Sula blazer and the Dominique jumpsuit. I’m a third of the way through!