Get ready for June’s #sewmystyle project – The Briar tee!

I’m doing the tips and tricks for this month Project #Sewmystyle make which is the Briar t-shirt by Megan Nielsen. It’s an absolute wardrobe essential with variations to match all seasons.

The Fit

The Briar tee comes with a multitude of different options – long or cropped length, short sleeves, long sleeves. You could pretty much change those hems to whatever you want to get the look you want!

The standard version would be the dipped hem hip length t-shirt I guess. At least that’s the version I sewed up in a maritime navy and white stripe! I like the curved hem that hits the hips just right at the front and dips for more butt coverage behind.

On me, the back hem was much too long to suit my frame. (Though it did give me an idea for making this into a dress in future!). I ended up trimming off about 10cm from the back hem and blending it into the sides. I’d recommended trying it on before hemming to check the length is right for you.

I’ve made a second one with 3/4 length sleeves and chose to cut the hem straight across the front and back.

The Fabric 

Jersey! You need a stretch knit for this project. It doesn’t need to be very stretchy, in fact the instructions recommend at least 20% stretch and not more than 40%. The less stretch, the easier the jersey will be to sew. So if you’re new to knits pick out a stable firm knit if you can!

You can also choose to make a sweater version of this pattern! Just use a heavier weight knit and check the stretch.

The Equipment 

One of mine was sewn up on a overlocker and the other one wasn’t. Can you tell the difference?  Which was which? No? That’s because there really isn’t one. At least not externally anyway. So don’t be afraid of using your regular sewing machine for this project! Make sure you’ve got a nice even zigzag stitch (I like to keep my stitch width and length somewhere between 1.5-2) and do a few practice seams to check your tension. Another thing to be careful with is not to pull your fabric through the machine as this can stretch as you go and the end result will be a wavy misshapen seam. Just let the feed dogs do their work and gently push the fabric under the foot.

You can finish the hem of this tee with a twin needle or zigzag stitch, or if you have it, a coverstitch machine for a really professional finish.

You’ll find this classic t-shirt is a lovely easy sew that will help you fill out your wardrobe with handmade basics!


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