The Saunio cardigan – Project #sewmystyle 2

How is everyone getting on with month 2 of Project #sewmystyle? I know there were quite a few people who weren’t keen on this pattern so I’ve finished my Saunio cardigan early to see what all the fuss was about. 

I have to say I’m in love with my one!

So I read a few reviews before I made my version to see how others had gotten on with it before. It seemed the cardigan came out with generally positive reviews and a sense it’s more of a relaxed jacket rather than a traditional cardigan. Not a bad thing in my opinion as I felt the fabric I had would work perfectly for something like that.

It’s a really simple pattern. Perfect for a quick make! I used a gorgeous boiled wool khaki green knit. It’s not particularly stretchy so I opted to use a straight stitch on my regular machine. I finished some of the seams with my overlocker but to be honest it really didn’t need it so I ended up just leaving most of them raw.

I only made one addition to this pattern – a contrast red piping to the front edges. I used a piece of leftover red jersey for this and used it flat (so no cord in the piping itself). I thought it gave it a slight military vibe and made it a bit more fashionable!

It’s definitely more of a jacket as you can see and I reckon I’ll use it more as a spring jacket rather than a traditional cardigan. I think using a softer knit fabric would create more of a waterfall cardigan but the relative stiffness here makes it hang like a jacket. I’m tempted to make a long hip length version to wear as a coatigan!

I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this pattern. It’s worked out better than I could have hoped for! I can see it being a main staple in my wardrobe!


    1. I’ve seen some scuba ones around. They looked pretty good!. It’s a really really quick sew. You’ll definitely be able to do it in time!

  1. A COATIGAN?! I never knew I needed something more in my entire life. I also felt the same way prior to, during, and even after finishing my saunio, but after wearing it a few times I am totally in love. What a sneaky pattern!

    1. Lol. It is totally sneaky! It’s a shame cause I think a lot of people aren’t making it because it doesn’t look great in the sample photos but it’s such a good time to wear!

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