You are cordially invited to Project #sewmystyle

So big news… I am taking part in a year long sew-along starting in January 2017 and you’re officially invited to join in too!

Alex from Bluebird Fabrics is starting her own arm of the Slow Fashion movement aimed at raising awareness about the pitfalls of fast fashion and to get more people on the sewing bandwagon and realising their potential! You can check out the full why’s and wherefore’s on Alex’s site here.

The goal? One handmade item every month for a whole year and by the end of it you should have your own little capsule wardrobe! 

We’ve aimed for relatively straightforward designs to start with, in the hopes that newbies won’t be deterred from joining in and more experienced sewists can stretch their creativity. These will get a little more complex as the year goes on and as your sewing skills improve!

Alex has rallied some fabulous indie pattern designers – By Hand London, Named Clothing, Sew House 7, Megan Nielsen and Cali Faye – to take part so if you decide to join up, you’ll be in for a monthly discount on a new pattern! (Signing up is totally free and isn’t an iron clad agreement. It just entitles you to the discount and will hopefully encourage you to complete each monthly challenge!)

We will all be sewing the same predetermined pattern each month so this is a chance to see how everyone fares on the same pattern and an opportunity to see new ideas and styling of a pattern you already own – in other words, lots of inspiration for future versions! 

Use the hashtag #sewmystyle on social media to tag your projects and to see other people’s too!

So here’s the programme!













December is currently a mystery item that will come from Named Clothing’s new A/W range and will be revealed in the future!

Fancy joining along for part or all of it? Sign up here! You’ll receive a discount code for each month’s pattern to be used on the designers website. The deadline to sign up is the 18th of December. 

I’ve already got my thinking cap on, making plans and design choices. I’m hoping to create items that’ll work cohesively and be worn together. 

I’m looking forward to seeing what all you lovely people make!


  1. This is brilliant. I’ve been wanting to get started on sewing my own clothes but haven’t known where to begin. I find the whole picking patterns and fabric really overwhelming so this should cut down on all of that somewhat!

    1. We all need a bit of motivation every now and then and I think this’ll definitely do the trick! I’m thinking it’ll be a good New Years resolution for sewists!

    1. I know what you mean re patterns. I’m usually very picky too! I’m looking at this as a challenge not just to make 12 items but to modify and individualise the set patterns so they suit me!

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