My latest attempt at a Pattern Review contest!

This is the second Pattern Review contest I’ve signed up to so far. The first was the Little Red Dress Contest which involved, unsurprisingly, making a little red dress. This was in honour of the the American Heart Association day or something like that at least.

I made this little number…

Which actually I ended up not liking very much. I had a lot of problems with the back of the top bodice through no ones fault but my own. It was very bad planning and pattern drafting on my part!

Obviously I didn’t win… #sadface.

Onto another contest then!

This time I entered the Endless Combinations Contest. You’re supposed to start off making one item, any item and then make another one to go with it and then another one to go with your second make and another to go with third etc. It sounded like an awesome idea! Plus at least this way I know that the stuff I make will actually go with things…

The only issue for me is that I don’t often make a lot of separates. I’m a make-a-pretty-dress kinda girl!

Anyway, I decided to start to start the combo with my Mimi blouse to go with the black cigarette trousers.  

I added a Nettie bodysuit (yes, that’s right, a new one already! That’ll get its own post once I take some nicer photos!

And then of course, my new Arielle skirt to go with the body…

Do they go together or am I just forcing the issue? Hmmm…

I wish I’d had more time to do better and make more items. There’s someone who’s made 18 items! Crazy! Maybe next time I’ll be able to do something better. I’m blaming this on the work that’s getting done on my flat at the mo – it’s interfering with my sewing! I’m planning to enter their skirt competition in the next few weeks so hopefully when all the work is done, I’ll be able to produce something awesome (and also be able to take better photos)!

Anyway, if you’re a member at Pattern Review, feel free to vote for me! Hehe!

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  1. I entered the Endless Combination contest too and managed five items. I have no illusions about winning, but I liked to join the contests so I can meet people and share info. Sewing can be a lonely business otherwise! Your combos look great to me. I think a bodysuit is a great idea. I used to wear them a lot in the 90s to get that sleek look.

    1. I’ll check out your entry! Yeah there’s no way I’m winning (esp if someone’s managed to make 18 garments!) but it’s nice to try and I like giving myself challenges to do! There’s a great community of sewists on there too!

  2. Wonderful style! My favourite is the cigarette pants (absolute perfection) with that gorgeous Mimi. Good luck with the challenge!

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