The Great British Sewing Bee is back!

This’ll keep me amused for a few weeks! 

The 4th series of The Great British Sewing Bee is back on our screens this Monday 16th May to delight us all with new contestants panicking and sewing under pressure. And a new judge to look out for too!

Image from The Sewing Directory

I always find this show both highly entertaining and irritating beyond measure… I’m that person who always thinks they can do better though


I guess this is the time to tell you all that I actually auditioned for this series… I didn’t make the final cut unfortunately! Next year maybe, if I’m brave enough to try again! I’m sure when I watch this series I’ll be glad I didn’t make it! Haha!

I’m looking forward to see what the contestants and judges come up with this year. I’m sure there’ll be lots of good things!

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  1. I love Sewing Bee. But this year, a problem. There’s literally only one other TV programme on in the week I want to see, which is also on at 9pm on Mondays! Curse you BBC. Luckily you can’t really post ‘spoilers’ for GBSB so I guess I’ll have to record it

    1. The first stage they ask you to bring some items that you’ve made and have a chat with the producers. The second stage was a pattern test – the technical challenge – where they get you to sew something under a time pressure… If there was something else after that I wouldn’t know! That’s as far as I got!

      1. I think I’m allowed to say that much at least… Not that it makes a difference to them at this point when they’re about to air!

        1. Actually speed wasn’t my problem. I finished well within the time and even had time for embellishments! I was probably not loud/ flamboyant enough about it all though. Me stressed and concentrating really hard probably just didn’t make for good to!

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