A to-do list of upcycling ideas

I love making new clothes, but what do we do with all the old ones? I try not to be wasteful and upcycling is a way to breathe new life into tired/ out of date garments.
I don’t do it very often though! I’m usually too distracted with a new sewing project… Hehe. 

So I’ve made a list of a few ideas I’d love to try out from around the web. Hopefully this’ll give me some motivation especially after the recent Fashion Revolution week!

1. Give old shoes new life with a coat of paint!


This tutorial from Empress of Dirt is awesome! Of course you need to actually be able to paint to make something decent… Maybe I’ll do some sort of an abstract design?

2. A no sew t-shirt to tote bag!


This tutorial I thought was genius! It’s such a simple idea using knots to tie up the bottom of the bag. Need to sort through my wardrobe and do this to any large unwanted tees! 

3. Mittens out of an old sweater!

I love A Beautiful Mess! They’re always full of good ideas and this is just one of them – repurposing unwanted/ too small sweaters into mittens! It’s a much faster alternative to knitting them…

4. Turn a sweater into a cardigan!

I’m always on the lookout for a new cardigan when I found this tutorial. I never find cardigans I really like and this seems like a great way to make my own and repurpose an old sweater!

5. Turn a plain tee into an embellished top!


This is a great little tutorial from Michele Ng which turns a plain tee into a cute top with an embellished neckline.

Those are my favourite that I’ve seen so far. Or at least ones which I can see myself doing… As much as I like these old men’s shirts into skirts/ blouses/ dresses thing, I just don’t have any men’s shirts lying around!

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