My very own Nettie bodysuit!

I used to think bodies were a really weird item of clothing… Until I started wearing lots of highly waisted skirts and trousers that is and realised the difficulties of tucked in tops riding up through the day!! 

Enter Nettie to save the day! 

This is a pattern from Closet Case. It only comes as a PDF pattern but the pattern pieces are so small it’s easy enough to put it all together. It has a variety of necklines and comes with a dress version too (though I think I’m unlikely to use the dress pattern). Nettie also has a variety of neck lines – a high and scoop neck for the front and a high, medium and low cut back. It also gives you 3 sleeve lengths. So lots of options and variations available to really personalise your suit! 

What I like about the pattern is that the side hip comes quite low. It gives it a nice vintage vibes and covers all those jiggly bits. 

So for my first of what I’m sure will be many Netties to come, I picked a blue polka dot jersey that I got from A1 Fabrics on Goldhawk Road. I went for the scoop neck and medium cut back with 3/4 length sleeves. 

This is the result!

 It was really quick to make. I did do it all on my overlocker which definitely helped speed things up. 

There were a few problems though!

I had a little issue with the fabric I used as I don’t think it had enough stretch to it which is a shame. They do recommend using a 4-way stretch with 50% stretch in both directions but it’s so hard to find any that doesn’t look like a swimsuit/ ballet/ ice skating costume… 

Also I found the sleeve to be way too tight for me. I can still get it on but it’s not the most comfortable. I do have big arms though and I’ll have to make an adjustment for the next Nettie. The sleeves also fall off the shoulders very easily. I think I’ll add some snaps at the shoulders to attach it to my bra later. 

I would also adjust the body length slightly too. You can’t see it in the photo but it could do with maybe an inch being taken out. Again I had a feeling this would happen as it is meant for someone 5’6 after all! 

Overall though I love the look of it. (And the ease of making it)! I’ll definitely be making more of them. I’ve got a plan for a high neck/ low back grey jersey one next!


  1. Love this design. I used to wear bodysuits as a kid and thought it was a bit odd when they came out in fashion again but you are right, they are perfect for high waisted skirts and trousers x

  2. You’ve been so productive lately 😀
    This is perfect for the “tucked in” look. Also looks comfortable and stylish!

  3. This is gorgeous! I have this pattern too (I bought it as a pattern bundle) but I haven’t gone anywhere near it. I may have to bump it further up the sewing queue!

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