Getting ready for Me-Made May ’16: The Wardrobe

This is what I have to work with for my me-made items in the month of May…

This isn’t actually everything by the way. Just the stuff that’ll take a nice photo!

Plus anything I make between now and the end of the month of course!

Where I think I’ll struggle:

Going to work. I like my comfy tees and jeans when I’m at work to wear under scrubs and I tend not to make a lot of that kind of stuff. I’d planned to make a couple of Agnes tops to help but I haven’t had time yet!

What’ll be easy:

Weekends! I’ve a lot of dresses and skirts to wear out. Just got to keep my fingers crossed that the weather will be nice! I apparently don’t make clothes for cold weather… Which is shocking considering I live in England!

Are you ready for your Me-Made May yet?

(No clue what I’m on about? Check out my Me-Made May 2016 pledge here!)

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  1. That’s a nice collection of handmade clothes, you’ve made a lot! I’m the opposite in terms of workwear…don’t wear scrubs so have to wear structured and professional (which I don’t sew). I’m trying to sew cold(er) weather stuff too. But it’s getting warm in UK, so you can sew more warm weather stuff, no problem :p

    1. Thanks! It’s supposed to be getting warmer here but it also snowed twice this week… I’m not holding out much hope that my sundresses will be able to be worn!

  2. You have a lovely selection of patterns here! I’m just wearing me made at the weekends because I have nowhere near enough professional wear. Hopefully by next year that will change 🙂 Good luck with Me Made May!

  3. Lovely selection! Looks like a fairly broad range of styles and colours. I highly recommend the Agnes top, it’s really quick to sew and you’ll be hooked!

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