Ideas for Spring/ Summer ’16 trends that I can make!

Friday inspiration! 🙂

I wanted to rummage through my stash of patterns and pattern books to see what I can hack/ redesign into things that’ll be on trend for this season! Not that I feel the need to be constantly on trend but it’s nice to get a few new ideas from what’s going on in the fashion world!

I’ve picked out a few trends I quite like the look of (and also think I could comfortably accomplish!). With the long bank holiday weekend here, maybe I’ll even be able to get started on some!

Here’s my top 5:

1. A satin bomber jacket (like the one Kate Moss has been seen in…)

I caved and bought a new bomber jacket pattern rather than hacking an oldie or drafting something myself.

2. Cut out shoulders! Showing off a bit of skin and still covering up my bingo wings…

I’m thinking of using my Tilly and the Buttons Bettine pattern for this one as I think the slouchy shape would work.

3. A slip dress – underwear as outerwear!

Maybe something like this?

I’m planning to get out my Bias Cut Dressmaking book to whip up a pattern for this!

4. More midi skirts!

A selection from Instyle

I’d like to try some new shapes rather than just doing my standard pleated ones!

5. A retro pussy bow/ necktie shirt for that 70s vibe that’s not going anywhere…

I’m thinking that I might use another Tilly pattern – the Mimi blouse from Love at First Stitch for this and replace the collar with the necktie in a really glam fabric.

Hopefully these won’t just stay part of my sewing daydreams and will come into real life soon! Fingers crossed that it happens whilst it’s still summer… 

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  1. Lovely plans! Can’t wait to see them come to fruition 🙂 I have faraway plans for a Sew Over It pussy bow blouse too. Love the style!

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