The make nine tag was created by Rochelle of the Lucky Lucille blog. She wanted to get people making plans and setting goals for 2017 and 9 seemed a reasonable number. Plus it totally fits an Instagram layout.

I picked out a lot of patterns that I’ve already bought and not yet used. I figured this is an excellent time to destash some of those!

Here are my 9 (in no particular order…):

1. Carolyn pyjamas by Closet Case

2. Morgan jeans by Closet Case

3. Sula blazer by Ralph Pink

4. Doris dress by Sew Over It

5. MΓ©lilot shirt by Deer and Doe

6. Cascade duffle coat by Grainline Studios

7. Karri dress by Megan Nielsen

8. Belladone by Deer and Doe

9. Dominique jumpsuit by RΓ©publique du Chiffon

So far I’ve completed the Carolyn PJs, the Morgan jeans and the Dominique jumpsuit. I’m a third of the way through!