A work appropriate top!

Sorry for the short hiatus folks! Turns out wifi in Cuba is not the easiest thing to come by so I wasn’t able to update as planned but hey, I should be coming back to you all refreshed and full of energy!


Since I’ve got a little bit of catching up to do, today’s post is about the my latest Minerva Crafts blogger network make which actually went live 2 weeks ago so you might have seen it over there already!

I picked out a metre of Atelier Brunette viscose fabric for this make. I love the prints of the Atelier Brunette range – everything’s so pretty I always just want to buy it all! That being said this was the first time I’ve used it since it’s a little on the pricey side.

I got the Blossom viscose challis in the Night colourway. I loved the orange and purple tones – it felt right for some autumnal sewing!

Now a metre of fabric is not a whole lot to play with so I made my goal a work suitable top!

I work in a surgery during the day so part of our guidelines for clinical wear is to be ‘bare below the elbows’. I’m sure that term is familiar to some of you! I usually just don a grubby t-shirt to wear under my scrubs but I really wanted to improve my work wardrobe so I don’t look like a complete hobo…

I used my trusty Simplicity 1366 pattern for this make and planned a little hack to jazz it up a little!

I cut off the pattern around the waist and shortened the sleeves a little. From the remainder of the fabric I cut two strips one and half times the width of the bodice to add a peplum-y frill to the top.

This took me just a couple of hours to put together. I think it helps that I’ve made it enough times that I don’t need to use the instructions anymore! The fabric was perfect for this style of blouse though. It was drapey without losing too much shape and volume. It was a dream to sew up! I really need more Atelier Brunette fabric in my life!

I’m so happy with how this top turned out! It’s so comfy and still looks pretty stylish. I’m not normally a fan of the peplum look but I like it better in this loose fit. Plus, I love the play on volume which is a trend that seems here to stay!

This top will definitely get a lot of wear in future!


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